Tower Servers

DABware are proud to supply and deliver the very best-quality tower servers for sale in Australia. Our high performance tower servers have been designed to deliver outstanding technology for all your home and business applications.

We offer Dell, HP and IBM brand tower servers for sale that achieve optimum performance and ease of management in a pioneering, dense design that can be seamlessly implemented into your current infrastructure. From basic models to enterprise-level units we stock a wide range of tower servers boasting a multitude of specifications to suit every budget.

The advantages of tower servers are increased cooling efficiency thanks to the overall component density, as well as scalability due to the fact that unlimited additional servers can be joined onto an existing network. Built in an upright cabinet a tower server stands alone and is an ideal way to manage and organise your information technology infrastructure.

At DABware we are dedicated to providing appropriate networking and storage solutions for customers across Australia. Whether you need a robust system for your business or an affordable domestic appliance, our friendly team can advise you on a product to suit your needs. With items shipped Australia-wide you can count on DABware for a reliable service and quality products.