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Fujifilm LTO Ultrium Cleaning tape Universal

Fujifilm LTO Universal cleaning tapes are equipped with a computer memory chip (just like the data tape). The chip stores various information and it has an embedded code that is recognized by the compatible drives firmware.


50 to 70 cleans (drive dependant) Recommended for all AIT compliant tape drives Prolongs drive life 5 year warranty
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HP AIT-1 70GB (Q1997A)

Native 35GB / Compressed 70GB HP AIT data cartridges contain an Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) recording layer consisting of almost 100% cobalt. This combined with the Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) coating creates a smooth and hard surface.
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HP AIT-3 200GB (Q1999A)

HP 8mm AIT-3 Data Cartridge, 230m, Native 100GB / Compressed 260GB Data Capacity.
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HP DLT IV (C5141F)

Native 40GB and up to 80GB compressed with data high data transfer speed of 12MB/s, compressed


DLT1/DLT VS Cleaning Cartridge is specially designed to maintain optimum performance and prolong the life of your HP DLT1 and DLT VS tape drives.
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HP LTO Ultrium 2 Data Tape 200/400GB

Native 200GB / Compressed 400GB with data transfer rates of up to 80 MB/second (2:1 compression).

HP LTO Ultrium 3 Data Tape 400/800GB

(C7973A) INC GST Native 400GB / Compressed 800GB with data transfer rates of up to 160 MB/second (2:1 compression).

HP LTO Ultrium 4 Data Tape 800GB/1600GB

Native 800GB / Compressed 1.6TB with data transfer rates of up to 240 MB/second (2:1 compression),

HP LTO Ultrium 5 Data Tape 1.5TB/3.0TB

Native 1.5TB / Compressed 3TB with provides data transfer speed of up to 280 MB/s (assuming a 2:1 compression) and adds a new partitioning feature and Linerar Tape File System specification to provide enhanced file control and data management

HP LTO Ultrium Cleaning Tape Universal

HP LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge.

IBM LTO Ultrium 2 Data Tape 200/400GB

IBM LTO2 Native 200GB / Compressed 400GB(2:1 compression. IBM LTO2 has the Cartridge Memory (LTO-CM) chip, which enables the IBM Ultrium 2 tape drive to read and write to the data cartridge by using a radio frequency transmission.
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