LTO5 Drives

LTO 5 Tape Drive

DABware LTO 5 tape drives lead the Australian marketplace in capacity, protection, performance and cost-effectiveness. The fifth generation of linear tape-open (LTO) technology significantly boosts the capacity and data transfer proficiency of backup and archiving systems.

Tape drives enable domestic and commercial users to protect and store important data and records. With hardware-based data encryption you can rest assured that you’re purchasing the highest level of security for all environments. Lower TCO is attained thanks to reduced numbers of tape drives, cartridges and libraries required. LTO 5 is WORM capable when used with LTO WORM data cartridges whilst the innovative partitioning functionality means that the tape can be formatted to function like a hard disk – ideal for video, HD imagery, CAD/CAM and other large file applications. In addition, the LTO 5 tape drive uses less power than LTO 4 drives, making it a "greener" and more energy efficient storage solution.

Our latest generation and largest capacity LTO 5 tape drive range includes exceptional quality products manufactured by industry leading brands such as HP, Quantum and Tandberg. DABware storage solutions are designed to help homes and businesses across Australia control their incremental storage growth and the stringent cost requirements related to backup and archiving.