LTO4 Drives

LTO 4 Tape Drive

DABware’s comprehensive range of LTO 4 tape drives offer Australia-wide homes and businesses the ultimate in reliability, capacity and performance. We are dedicated to providing top-quality, optimum-reliability storage technology for your individual requirements. As the amount of data increases so you does your need for a dependable storage, protection and archiving solution. The availability of four generations of LTO tape drives is the economical option for domestic and commercial customers who need their capacity growth to match their data growth.

The DABware LTO 4 tape drive range offers a premier line of backup devices which deliver enterprise-class technology for businesses large and small. With optimum reliability and ease of use in mind, even at 100% duty cycles the durable design builds on superior LTO technology and adds advanced features like hardware data encryption, state of the art interfaces and variable tape speeds to create a new level of data protection.

HP, Quantum, Tandberg are just some of the brands which we are proud to stock. Decades of technology research and world-class manufacturing methods make the LTO 4 tape drives available from DABware the best on the market. Enjoy fast transfer rates and high capacities for minimal backup times alongside space saving construction that ensures your product is easily deployed where you need it. Protect your valuable information with a LTO 4 taoe drive from DABware.